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The UK Physical Activity Study

Smart phone physical activity data can relate to important health outcomes

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Physical activity is essential for healthy ageing. Lower physical activity levels are associated with a higher risk of many diseases.

Smart phone physical activity data is automatically recorded on most phones.

This data can show us how physical activity levels may relate to a variety of important health outcomes across all age groups and sociodemographic backgrounds in the UK.

Complete an online questionnaire and data upload.

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29th April 2021

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29th June 2021


Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University

Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences is part of Manchester Metropolitan University.

We undertake health and exercise related research in order to improve health outcomes in a variety of different populations.



All of health care
Muscles, joints and bones
Public health


UK wide

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All of research

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For general questions about the project, please contact activitystudy@mmu.ac.uk For concerns/complaints about the project, please contact the Science and Engineering Faculty research officer ethics-scieng@mmu.ac.uk If you have any concerns regarding the personal data collected from you, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted using the legal@mmu.ac.uk e-mail address, by calling 0161 247 3331 or in writing to: Data Protection Officer, Legal Services, All Saints Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M15 6BH. You also have a right to lodge a complaint in respect of the processing of your personal data with the Information Commissioner’s Office as the supervisory authority. Please see: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/


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Voluntary participation - all online - no cost to the participant

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