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What do you think about dental implants for People Living with Type 2 Diabetes?

Explore insights on diabetes & oral health, including preferences for replacing missing teeth

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We will anonymously explore dental history, the impact of diabetes, perceptions of gum disease, and preferences for tooth replacement. Understanding your experiences will help us tailor our research to better meet the oral health needs of people living with diabetes. We also encourage you to share any suggestions for additional questions. Thank you for your time and contribution. To take part click on this link: https://shorturl.at/myTYZ

Date from

16th April 2024

Date to

31st July 2024


The participants who take part in the focus group will be paid £25 per hour for their time.


For the participants who take part in the focus group in person we will be reimbursing for travel and for those who take part online will be reimbursed for internet use.


Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in East London is part of the University of London, hosting faculties in Humanities, Science, Engineering, and Medicine. It's affiliated with the Russell Group, Commonwealth Universities, and Universities UK. QMUL is renowned for medical education and research, and it contributes to UCLPartners, a global academic health science hub.


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Identifying and prioritising
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Participants who take part in the focus group will be giving out resources to the participants so they are better informed on the topic of research.

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