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What worked well when you visited the GP with symptoms of bowel cancer?

Share experience of investigations for bowel cancer

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I’m looking for people from North Devon or around St Helens who have had investigations for bowel cancer to share their views with me.

I am an NHS Consultant in Public Health doing a PhD (funded by the NIHR) about what makes things work well when you visit the GP. I am particularly focused on the offer and return of ‘FIT’ (poo tests for blood).

Payments are available to cover your time to speak to me. Discussions can be conducted over the phone or by using Microsoft teams.

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27th June 2024

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31st July 2024


£25 per hour


£5 per call


University of Nottingham

I am part of the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health. I am interested in understanding what works, how and for whom to make the implementation of FIT (poo testing for blood) in primary care pathway effective and impactful. I am working with my supervisors to understand how different places in England have ensured a fair, effective and impactful service.



Health services and health delivery


UK wide

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All of research

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