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Women who engage/have engaged in sex work

Sexual health care for women who have engaged in sex work

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We would like to hear about the lived experiences of women who have engaged in sex work regarding engagement in sexual health services. We are analysing data relating to hepatitis B vaccination among women who have engaged in sex work and we would like to see if our findings are related to people's lived experiences. We would like to talk to women who have engaged in sex work and discuss our findings with them to help understand this further.

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23rd November 2021

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23rd February 2022


UK Health Security Agency

The UK Health Security Agency is a government agency in the United Kingdom, responsible since April 2021 for UK-wide public health protection and infectious disease capability, and replacing Public Health England. It is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care.



Public health


All of England

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All of research

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Referral to support groups if needed





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