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Wound Photo at Discharge- Patients Association Survey with RBHT

Would having a colour photo of your wound on the day you leave hospital benefit you?

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Photo at Discharge’ Survey

The Patients Association, in collaboration with Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, is conducting a survey to explore people’s thoughts on ‘Photo at Discharge’ (PaD).

A PaD is a photograph taken by a nurse or other healthcare professional of a patient’s wound at the point of their discharge from hospital. The photograph is then given to the patient or carer with the aim of providing a clear assessment of the wound for the patient’s records and the healthcare provider(s). The photo can help to monitor the healing process, identify any changes in the wound, and can help avoid the unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics.

PaD has received positive local feedback at hospitals that offer it to patients, and the scheme is inviting patients and members of the public nationally to share their views. Do you think having a colour photo of your wound on the day you leave hospital would beneficial to you? Do you feel it should be standard practice for all patients who have had surgery? You can find out more about the scheme and complete the short survey via the link above.

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4th April 2019

Date to

30th April 2019


Patients Association in collaboration with the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT

Non-profit working with acute sector.



Skin disorder/dermatology


UK wide

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