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Supporting families affected by dementia

Location: Scotland

Could family therapy be used for families affected by dementia?

Improving end of life care in care homes

Location: UK wide

Seeking to improve palliative and end of life care in care (nursing) homes

Survey – share your views on the NHS in England

Location: All of England

CRUK - your views on NHS England to ensure it delivers for people affected by cancer

Views wanted from former ICU patients and their relatives

Location: UK wide

We want to seek the views of former ICU patients to assist in the design of a new study

Living with a chronic or rare condition

Location: UK wide

How do you manage your health between outpatient appointments? How could technology help?

Help review sickle cell disease study questionnaire

Location: UK wide

We are looking for people with sickle cell disease to help review some patient questionnaires.

Help enhance the knowledge of research in the intensive care unit

Location: UK wide

We will develop a video and poster to inform the public about research in intensive care units (ICU)

Service user member of Data Monitoring and Ethics Committee (DMEC)

Location: London, South East

Service user needed for project to help patients with psychosis improve quality of life

Join a Dementia Research Advisory Group

Location: South East

Seeking family & friends of persons with dementia to join a research advisory group

Seeking people affected by Oesophageal Cancer and carers

Location: London

A group discussion to express experiences of Oesophageal Cancer

Caring for people with long intensive care stays: what should it look like?

Location: UK wide

We want to find out how best to care for patients with long intensive care stays, and their families

Are you interested in helping dementia prevention research?

Location: London

Are you aged between 50-85 years old? Have no diagnosis of memory issues? Please join our register

We would like to talk to first time mothers about their weight management experience

Location: Scotland

What is the role of social support on postnatal lifestyle and weight management ?

Valuing Quality of Life Outcomes in Heart Failure

Location: All of England

Seeking heart failure patients and their carers to review study documents.

Neurodevelopmental Screening of All Children Born Preterm at 2 Years of Age

Location: South East

Was your child born early (<37 weeks)? Please help us review our research plan.

Scanning Confocal Ophthalmoscopy for Diabetic Eye Screening

Location: UK wide

HTA Programme is seeking someone with retinopathy to review a proposal from a patient perspective.

Does your child experience constipation or did you personally experience childhood constipation?

Location: UK wide

Collating as much information as we can about the best ways to manage constipation

We would like to talk to first time pregnant women about their experiences of eating healthily and doing physical activity

Location: Scotland

What is the role of social support on lifestyle and weight management in pregnancy?

Firefighters reducing falls in the community

Location: Scotland

How might firefighters reduce older people's falls?

Guide future research about Problematic Knee Replacements

Location: All of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Patients and carers with experience of problematic knee replacements - HELP US HELP YOU

Meeting – how to design an intervention to support psychological recovery post-critical care

Location: London

ImPROving Psychological Health in Critical CaRE SurvivorS (PROGRESS) Stakeholder Eve

Hand fracture and tendon injury patient group

Location: East Midlands

Have you had a hand fracture?

Patient Advisors for Fibromyalgia study – Staffordshire and surrounding area

Location: West Midlands

Are you a patient living with fibromyalgia & would like to inform research?

NHS Blood and Transplant Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG)

Location: UK wide

Bringing together public / patient insight and experience in NHSBT research.

Using Virtual Simulation to Improve Endovascular Aneurysm Repair: Patient Advisor

Location: London

Opportunity for abdominal aortic aneurysm patient who has undergone Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Perioperative medicine research partner group

Location: South Central

A group to keep patients at the heart of the hospital's research studies relating to surgery

Family support in palliative care/advanced illness

Location: UK wide

Is family support done as well as it could be for people with advanced disease/in palliative care?

Taking photographs of cleft patients using 3D cameras – developing a patient information leaflet.

Location: UK wide

This will involve being part of a consultation group to help design a patient information leaflet.

Ensuring healthcare innovations and research findings are adopted: a strategy for heart and circulatory conditions

Location: UK wide

Share your views to shape our strategy for speeding up access to innovations

Helping men lose weight

Location: London

Vacancy: Patient Representative for Research Study

Design and evaluation of Eye2Gene website for visually impaired

Location: London

Evaluation of Eye2Gene website for visually impaired. Eye2Gene is a genetic diagnosis website.

Treating the untreatable – an old agent with a new purpose

Location: West Midlands

Using organic acids as a novel antimicrobial agent and biofilm eradication agent

Epilepsy Advisory Panel (PPI)

Location: UK wide

CASTLE Changing Agendas in Sleep, Treatment and Learning in Epilepsy

Greater Manchester Patient and Public Cancer Group

Location: North West

An opportunity for members of the public affected by cancer to help improve research in Manchester

FACTOID – A study of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Older people with treatment-resistant generalised anxiety disorder

Location: UK wide

Are you aged 60+? Are you currently experiencing difficulties with generalised anxiety disorder?

Empowerment and Surveillance for people with dementia: Looking for advisors

Location: [Not applicable]

For our study we are looking for people living with dementia who want to become involved as advisors

Interactional practices of decision-making during childbirth in maternity units

Location: Yorks & Humber

Videoing health care practitioners and women in labour to observe how decision making occurs

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