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61 opportunities found

Reducing common infections amongst school children

Location: UK wide

We're identifying the best way to improve children's hand hygiene to reduce infection

EAVE II: using patient data to track the progress of COVID-19 as it happens in Scotland

Location: Scotland

Recruiting for patient and public members to be involved in all areas of the research project

Digital Health Intervention for Long COVID Rehabilitation

Location: UK wide

Recruiting Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) to help with design, implementation and distribution

Return to work priorities of people recovering from major trauma: a public advisory project

Location: UK wide

We are identifying people's priorities for returning to work after major trauma injury

On-Line Health Forums

Location: UK wide

Research into how experiences of moderating on-line forums can help us develop improvement.

Interested in making medical research more accessible?

Location: UK wide

Opportunity to join a public advisory group, and share your views on medical research

PPI involvement for people with lived experience of ADHD and/ or EUPD

Location: All of England

Looking for people with lived experience of ADHD and/ or EUPD or carers to set up an advisory group

Nasal decolonisation of MRSA

Location: UK wide

The HTA Programme is seeking someone to review the above application from a patient perspective


Location: UK wide

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on memory and cognition in the post-viral period

PPI focus groups to discuss feeding strategies for preterm infants

Location: UK wide

We would appreciate the insights and experiences of parents and adults born prematurely

Patient Advisory Panel member for STRETCHED study

Location: London

To support a research team investigating care for people who often phone 999 ambulance service

Have you had an infection or breakdown in your stitches after a vaginal birth?

Location: UK wide

Development of a study looking at infection/wound breakdown with vaginal stitches after birth

ASD and Covid-19

Location: South East

How has the COVID crisis affected adults with a diagnosis of autism

Are you caring for someone with dementia? Are you concerned about oral health?

Location: All of England

We would like to understand if, when and how family carers provide assistance with oral hygiene

PPI group for type 2 diabetes and enduring mental health research

Location: All of England

Recruiting members for a PPI group who have lived-experience of type 2 diabetes and mental health

Short telephone interview – bowel cancer

Location: UK wide

Short telephone interview to review bowel cancer questionnaire

Thinking styles and wellbeing after cancer diagnosis (online survey)

Location: UK wide

Have you been diagnosed with bowel, breast or prostate cancer within the past 24 months?

Thoughts and perceptions of medical devices

Location: UK wide

This is a survey of your thoughts and perceptions of medical devices

STRETCHED – PPI reps wanted

Location: West Midlands

Evaluating case management as a way of supporting people who call 999 frequently

PPI Advisors needed for the PREdictors of COVID19 OUtcomeS (PRECIOUS)

Location: UK wide

We are looking for people who have had COVID-19 to advise us on long term problems after COVID-19

Using artificial intelligence to predict the response to Immunotherapy in melanoma patients

Location: UK wide

Identifying new diagnostic test to select the right melanoma patients for immunotherapy treatment

Family Caring Study

Location: UK wide

Have you been caring for someone with advanced cancer and received services to support you?

COVID-19 and Black, Asian and ethnic Minority groups

Location: UK wide

We are a team of researchers from Nottingham. We are seeking your views to help shape our research

What do I want to do this week: How do women want to spend their time?

Location: All of England

How women would like to spend their time on paid work, household work, caregiving and voluntary work

Patient Involvement in a New Innovative Cancer Clinical Trial

Location: UK wide

Are you a newly diagnosed cancer patient interested in reviewing essential trial documentation?

Are you a male patient with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?

Location: UK wide

We are looking for the views of male patients with RA to assist in advancing a new diagnostic test.

Are you a male patient with Sjögren Syndrome (SjS)?

Location: UK wide

We are looking for the views of male patients with SjS to assist in advancing a new diagnostic test.

Young People (14-24) with Anxiety and Depression – Share Your Experiences

Location: All of England

We are looking for young people aged 14-24 to share their experiences of anxiety and depression.

EnTimeMent-UCL Challenging Movements Survey

Location: UK wide

Online, anonymous survey on everyday movements that people with chronic pain may find challenging

The clinical and cost-effectiveness of a neonatal sepsis calculator

Location: UK wide

HTA Programme is seeking someone to review the above application from a patient perspective.

Reviewing Opportunity – Intensive care low platelet count and platelet transfusion

Location: UK wide

HTA Programme is seeking someone to review the above application from a patient perspective.

Looking for parents whose child had a scald to help improve care

Location: UK wide

We want to improve burn follow for children with scald using technology

Outcome of children’s scalds

Location: All of England

Looking for a parent of a child who had a scald to help improve how we follow up

Survey – Data Consent and Data Sharing

Location: UK wide

We’d like to understand how you’d feel about sharing your data and about this data being shared.

Become a reviewer for NIHR Evidence

Location: UK wide

Share your thoughts on health and social care research in your areas of interest

Optimisation of implants for breast reconstruction

Location: UK wide

Project that aims to improve implants used in breast reconstruction surgery.

Determining the value of interventions which improve quality of life

Location: UK wide

We need volunteers to co-design a research study

A review of intervention to support long-term physical activity in peripheral arterial disease and intermittent claudication

Location: UK wide

We need patients, carers and members of the public to shape the topic, and scope of a review project

Are you a 16-18 years old? Interested in Psychology? Research participation opportunity available.

Location: All of England

Research looking at the experiences of Year 11 leavers who have been affected by the Coronavirus.

Female adults raised on Soy milk formulas

Location: UK wide

Potential health effects on the reproductive system when raised on Soy formulas

A randomised controlled trial of compression therapies for the treatment of venous leg ulcers

Location: UK wide

Are you a patient or carer with experience of venous leg ulcers?

Interested in being part of research looking at parenting in people experiencing psychosis?

Location: North West

We're looking for parents who have experienced psychosis to help design our research project.

Scaffold technology for early intervention of cartilage defects in joints

Location: London

Clinical study of early treatment of cartilage damage

Patient involvement in research about pain at dressing change for people with chronic wounds

Location: UK wide

Are you living with a chronic wound requiring frequent dressing changes?

The COPPER Project: – Children with Oral Pain: signPost and advisE on pain Relief

Location: All of England

Are you a parent/carer interested in improving children's dental health?

Greater Manchester Cancer Research Advisory Group

Location: North West

A group for people have experience of cancer living in or being cared for in Greater Manchester

Patient and public involvement in physiotherapy research

Location: UK wide

We need patients, and members of the public to inform a project, advise on design and findings

Workshop – Join us at our Clinical Research Nurses event and workshops

Location: East Midlands

Improve patients’ clinical trial experiences at this upcoming Clinical Research Nurses event

Would you like to get involved in dementia research?

Location: East Midlands, North East, North West, West Midlands, Yorks & Humber

A dementia study in Sheffield involving a blood sample, MRI scan and cognitive tests

Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHP) Research Unit Research Partnership Group

Location: UK wide

The Research Partnership Group is a group of people with an interest in health/ social care research

Medicines Management in neuropathic pain

Location: Yorks & Humber

This study aims to study patients’ experiences & use of medicine to manage neuropathic pain (NP).

Join our Lay Advisory Group

Location: All of England

Involvement in the research activities of London IVD Co-op in the area of point-of-care diagnostics

Pain relieving strategies for people with chronic wounds at dressing change

Location: UK wide, Yorks & Humber

Are you living with chronic wounds requiring frequent dressing changes?

Stop Smoking Study

Location: UK wide

Install a smoking cessation application, use it for four weeks, and complete surveys

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation Research Hub

Location: UK wide

Help shape research into childhood liver conditions

Are you interested in helping dementia prevention research?

Location: London

Are you aged between 50-85 years old? Have no diagnosis of memory issues? Please join our register

NHS Blood and Transplant Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG)

Location: UK wide

Bringing together public / patient insight and experience in NHSBT research.

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