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37 opportunities found

Research call Older Type 2s moving to insulin

Location: UK wide

Study with people 70 years and over with type 2 diabetes who have moved to insulin

Help improve clinical trial data collection

Location: UK wide

Help improve clinical trial data collection

Views on anxiety-focused apps: Questionnaire

Location: UK wide

Willingness, motivators and barriers linked to using anxiety-focused apps

Pain Forecast: How to Predict Chronic Pain

Location: UK wide

Join a focus group or complete a questionnaire

Pattern Perception Task – People with Aphasia

Location: UK wide

Task that looks at people with aphasias ability to remember patterns in sequence.

Population Research UK (PRUK) – public perspectives workshop

Location: UK wide

Members of the public invited to attend workshop to give their perspectives on PRUK

COVID Voices: Understanding personal shielding experiences of people living with arthritis and musculoskeletal disease

Location: UK wide

Opportunity to join Patient Advisory Group for people with arthritis who have shielded

Design research on cardiac arrest in children

Location: UK wide

Design research on ultrasound use during cardiac arrest in children in discussion groups.

Cardiac Rehabilitation for Heart Failure

Location: UK wide

Experience of the issues that matter to people living with heart failure?

What’s your experience of home-based exercise programmes?

Location: UK wide

Discuss your experiences and help develop future home-based exercise programmes

Patient and Public Voice Partners Needed for Medicines Repurposing Programme Steering Group

Location: UK wide

Looking for two Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Partners.

Online workshop – Teenage patient radiation research

Location: UK wide

Online workshop – Teenage patient radiation research

ECoWeB Plus

Location: UK wide

Are you a young man (aged 16-22) not in education or employment?

HALO A public patient involvement project

Location: UK wide, London

System to fit cancer patients’ needs when returning home after treatment

Opportunity to shape research in cancer and nutrition

Location: UK wide

The NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration is seeking a PPI Lead

Are you interested in participating in an evaluation of the Welsh National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS)?

Location: Wales

Referred on to Welsh NERS but decided not to take this up? We want to hear from you

Reducing the risk of MRSA infection – patient/public advisory group

Location: UK wide

Been in hospital? At higher risk of hospitalisation or caring for someone who is?

Patient Representative for UK SPINE Steering Committee

Location: West Midlands

Someone with lived experience (patient, carer or loved one) of multiple conditions?

Seeking Barrett’s oesophagus patients

Location: UK wide

Researcher looking to talk to people who have a diagnosis of Barrett’s oesophagus.

Health visiting research opportunity for parents with children under 5

Location: All of England

Have you seen a health visitor recently? We would love you to join our Parent Group!

National Audit seeks Patient and Public Involvement

Location: All of England, Wales

Provide a patient perspective to national emergency bowel surgery audit

Research into the Earswitch

Location: All of England

A new switch access site for people with communication difficulties

Can you help design a research project to explore maternal mental health services, for first generation migrant women?

Location: All of England

If yes, we are looking for volunteers to take part in a discussion group

Aberdeen Centre for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health

Location: Scotland

Patient or public involvment with grant proposal

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Physical Activity: Exploring the Issues among Asian Populations in the UK

Location: UK wide

Invitation to participate in research

Evaluating telephone based digital triage in healthcare: patient and public feedback on research findings

Location: UK wide

Research studying telephone based digital triage in out of hours care

Identifying rare genetic diseases – patient/public advisors needed for PhD research

Location: UK wide

Experience or interest: rare genetic diseases, diagnosis, or genetic testing?

Loneliness and Mental Health

Location: UK wide

How loneliness affects the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us

Have you ever smoked? Could you help with research looking at lung cancer screening?

Location: UK wide

Current or ex-smokers needed to help with design of lung cancer screening study

Treatment for painful flat feet in children – PPI group members

Location: All of England

Parents/guardians of children (6-14 years) who have been treated for flat feet

App based exercise in lung cancer prehabilitation

Location: London

The role of a smart phone app in enhancing lung cancer prehabilitation

Research study – volunteers wanted with experiences of psychiatry care at home and/or in acute (physical health) hospitals

Location: All of England, Wales

Willing to take part a remote interview for approx 1 hour (April-Nov 2021)?

Research study – volunteers wanted with experiences of palliative care at home and/or in hospital

Location: All of England, Wales

Willing to take part a remote interview for approximately 1 hour (April-Nov 2021)?

Developing clinical guidelines for infection prevention and control

Location: UK wide

Patient or carer who has lived experience of a healthcare-acquired infection?

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