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PPI opportunity focused on Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective disorder

Location: All of England

Need for PPI collaborators with lived experience of Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective disorder

Paid opportunity as a Lived Experience Advisor on my PhD about Childhood Trauma & Psychosis

Location: UK wide

I need at least two people who have had psychosis or childhood trauma to give advice on my PhD.

Involvement in research with people who have prolapse and dementia

Location: UK wide

Reviewing and managing prolapse and dementia research

Psychosis and Poetry

Location: UK wide

Developing a research project on the therapeutic potential of poetry for people experience psychosis

Seeking people diagnosed with a terminal illness while on a UK work visa (or caring for family in this position)

Location: UK wide

Two PPIE members required for a Marie Curie-funded project on UK work visas and terminal illness

Diagnostic accuracy and acceptability of optical sensors to help diagnose peripheral artery disease

Location: UK wide, South East

To get views on a new test we are developing to improve diagnosis of peripheral artery disease

Glucocorticoids in adults with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (GuARDS) Trial Steering Committee

Location: UK wide

Trial Steering Committee Member needed with Critical Care Experience (as patient or carer)

NCTU Advisory Committee Member

Location: East Midlands

Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit is looking for 2 - 3 people to join our Advisory Committee.

Are you interested in sharing your views on the use of algorithms in medical research and how to make their use more acceptable?

Location: London

Opportunity to join a public advisory group and discuss algorithms in healthcare research

Spinal Cord Injury: how to ensure best care for those with additional speech and swallowing difficulties

Location: All of England

Can you help make this research relevant and important for funders?

Join the Rapid Eczema Trials Citizen Scientist Community

Location: UK wide

Can you help design and support research studies that answer questions about living with eczema?

Seeking help from people with lived experiences of venous leg ulcers

Location: UK wide

We want to find out about venous leg ulcer care and the use of compression therapy in hospitals

Carers (unpaid / informal / family)- can you tell me about your experience?

Location: UK wide

Join a short online discussion to tell me about your experience caring

Supporting women to move more after cancer – a Patient & Public Involvement opportunity

Location: UK wide, Yorks & Humber

Seeking women from culturally diverse backgrounds to shape a PhD study and improve survivorship care

Have you had a chest drain?

Location: East Midlands

We want to understand more about your experience of having a chest drain fitted as part of your care

Preventing diabetes in people living with kidney disease and heart failure

Location: All of England

Can SGLT2 inhibitors prevent the development of type 2 diabetes?

Priority-setting partnership (PSP) in alcohol related liver disease and alcohol use disorder

Location: East Midlands, West Midlands

We are inviting 20-30 people with lived experience of alcohol use and/or liver disease

Investigating the long-term psychosocial impact of risk-reducing mastectomies in women at moderate risk of breast cancer.

Location: UK wide

Be part of the research team, bringing a viewpoint from their experience and advise on the study.

CLARITY: SurgiCaL educAtion to Reduce negatIve appendicecTomY and poor patient outcomes.

Location: UK wide

The study seeks to improve surgeons diagnostic skills to reduce unnecessary surgery for appendicitis

Courage of Compassion ‘into’ practice

Location: All of England

Development, implementation, and evaluation of a system-level framework to improve nurses wellbeing

Improving Representation in Maternity Research: The REPRESENT Study

Location: London, Yorks & Humber

We are looking for women to join us as peer researchers to be involved throughout this project.

Refugees and participation in free mass activity events (parkrun, runtalkrun)

Location: UK wide

We are seeking refugees from Ukraine, Syria and Aghanistan to help develop our research proposal

Professor Simon Bach – Patient perspectives on the use of surgical robots in the NHS

Location: UK wide, West Midlands

Patient perspectives on the use of surgical robots in the NHS

Independent Steering Committee member NIHR research Project

Location: UK wide

Collaboration as an independent steering committee member for a PPI

Providing peer support for family members and friends of patients treated under the Mental Health Act (MHA): Paid Opportunity

Location: London, South West, West Midlands

We’d like relatives or friends (carers) of people treated under the MHA to support other carers.

Have you ever taken medicines to treat depression, OCD, anxiety or PTSD? Join a research advisory group

Location: UK wide

Help design a research study that aims to develop support for people stopping their medicines

REARSS Study (REsearch into AnoRectal Surgery Sterility)

Location: UK wide

We're interested to explore how we can make perianal surgery more environmentally friendly

Supporting healthy lifestyles among young adults in the workplace

Location: UK wide

Exploring interventions for employers to better support young adults, in diet, exercise and sleep.

Lived experiences of psychosis and physical health conditions

Location: UK wide, London

We are looking for people with psychosis and physical health problems to help design a questionnaire

Huntington’s disease: scoping activities for patients and informal carers to inform research study

Location: UK wide

Scoping activity e.g., workshop, 1 to 1 discussion to prioritise key issues and questions

Parkinson’s disease: scoping activities for patients and informal carers to inform research study

Location: UK wide

Scoping activity e.g., workshop, 1 to 1 discussion to prioritise key issues and questions

ICANEQUAL: a UK-wide multistakeholder partnership to improve liver cancer treatment and care

Location: UK wide

We are looking for patients diagnosed with liver cancer, careers, health professionals & researchers

Experiences of Cancer and Cancer Care amongst Young People from Ethnically Minoritised backgrounds

Location: UK wide

🚨Share your experience to help us improve cancer care & earn £10 voucher🚨

Supporting Mum and Baby relationships during perinatal mental illness

Location: UK wide

Help mums and babies to connect and communicate

C-POP Study Patient Advisory Group Membership

Location: All of England, Scotland, Wales

Recruiting for a diverse group with experience of apical prolapse to work with the C-POP Study team.

Co-developing a smart (AI based) smoking cessation app to support smoking cessation among hard-to-access groups.

Location: North West

Develop a smart smoking cessation app, using AI algorithms to provide just-in-time intervention

Help needed to support us with methodology research

Location: All of England

Support needed for methods research

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