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58 opportunities found

NICE Lay member opportunity: indoor air quality at home

Location: UK wide

We are looking for lay members to join our quality standards advisory committee

Preventing surgical wound infection after cardiac surgery: opportunity for research

Location: UK wide

We are interested in learning more about how we can prevent wound infections

Reviewing Opportunity for Health and Care Research Wales

Location: UK wide

Public reviewers wanted for various funding schemes

Join our project team to help improve rehabilitation for intensive care patients

Location: London

Help us to inform the design of our research project

Why do some people with diabetes experience emotional distress?

Location: All of England

We wish to investigate the development and maintenance of emotional distress in people with diabetes

Priority Setting Partnership in Surgical Treatment for Skin Cancer

Location: UK wide

We are looking for anyone with experience of skin cancer surgery (or their carers)

Pain relieving strategies for people with chronic wounds at dressing change

Location: UK wide, Yorks & Humber

Are you living with chronic wounds requiring frequent dressing changes?

Stop Smoking Study

Location: UK wide

Install a smoking cessation application, use it for four weeks, and complete surveys

Patient and Public Voice Expert Advisors needed for research project advisory board

Location: All of England

The advisors will review and challenge our work to ensure patient needs are always at the fore.

Join the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership Community Advisory Board

Location: West Midlands

Board members will influence and support the Centre’s work on health and social care leadership.

NIHR Surgical MIC National Meeting 2019 – PhotoVoice Challenge

Location: UK wide

The Surgical MIC is looking for patients/carers/public to submit images

Join our Lay Advisory Group

Location: All of England

Involvement in the research activities of London IVD Co-op in the area of point-of-care diagnostics

Preventing weight gain using Inulin-Propionate-Ester – iPrevent Trial

Location: London

This study investigates the effects of a dietary supplement on weight prevention

Help to set the research agenda for occupational therapy

Location: UK wide

Tell us your questions on occupational therapy by completing our online survey

Join our Cardiovascular Disease Research Advisory Group

Location: London

Use your experiences to help shape clinical trials research into cardiovascular disease.

Fellowship Panel Membership Opportunity – Health and Care Research Wales

Location: UK wide

We are looking for a number of public contributors for some of our panels

Withdrawal of mechanical ventilation in Intensive Care Units

Location: East Midlands, West Midlands

A project about the modes of end of life withdrawal of invasive mechanical ventilation in ICUs

Strategies to improve dental health care

Location: Scotland

Share your perspectives on developing strategies to support improvement in dental health care

Have you had a colonoscopy and willing to share your experiences?

Location: All of England

We need members of the public aged 55-74 years old to attend a workshop

Seeking members for patient & public involvement group in statistics research – type 2 diabetes patients & parents with children

Location: East Midlands

To provide valuable insights in statistical research to prevent diabetes and childhood accidents.

Patient Advisory Group for Paediatric Liver Cancer

Location: UK wide

Could you help us to improve the research that we are doing into HB and HCC?

Share your idea – What are the biggest challenges in cancer research?

Location: UK wide

Shape the next set of questions for our innovative funding initiative, Grand Challenge

Patients who participated in clinical trials needed to help on study to reduce burden of trial participation

Location: [Not applicable]

Patients experienced with trials to help design trials to reduce burden of trial participation

Patient and public acceptance of cardiac failure population analysis

Location: All of England

We are looking for individuals to give us their thoughts on our study design

Fetal and neonatal varicella surveillance study proposal

Location: UK wide

Seeking input regarding a proposed study on chickenpox contracted in the womb or first 4 weeks

Lay members required for communicating personalised risk of disease

Location: UK wide

Looking for lay members to support tool development of predictive health risk tool

Mothers and those who smoke needed to help on intervention study about smoking in pregnancy

Location: UK wide

Mothers, preferably who smoke, needed for advice on project designs

Alzheimer’s Society Research Network volunteering

Location: UK wide

Volunteer with our Research Network and use your personal experience of dementia

Review for the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme

Location: UK wide

People with personal experience of liver transplant sought to review an application for funding

UK-based Public Advisory Group for the Global Surgery Unit

Location: West Midlands

The Global Surgery Unit is looking for individuals from developing countries

Research Ambassadors wanted

Location: South Central

You’ll be an advocate for the amazing research at University Hospital Southampton

Get involved in new research looking at nose bleed treatments

Location: UK wide

Focus group members, study review roles required

Join our committee on vaccine uptake in the general population guideline committee

Location: UK wide

We are looking for lay members to join our guideline committee.

Impact of the Soft Drink Industry Levy – University of Cambridge

Location: UK wide

We are looking for members of the public with a view on the sugar tax.

Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility – Patient Public Involvement Advisory Group

Location: Scotland

We're looking for patients, carers and those with an interest in health research

Colorectal Patient Advisory Group

Location: Scotland

Would you like to share your real life experiences to help shape research?

Malnutrition priority setting survey

Location: All of England

Do you have experience of malnutrition as a patient, an HCP or as a carer?

The East-Midlands Knee Pain Multiple Randomised Controlled Trial Cohort Study

Location: East Midlands

We need your help to develop a nurse-led package of care to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain.

Investigating Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing Cohort Study

Location: East Midlands

Help us to understand MSK pain, disability and fraility progression.

Using internet-based exercises aimed at treating osteoarthritis (i-BEAT-OA)

Location: East Midlands

We need your help to test a web based exercise programme to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain.

Help us design and deliver a study on community-based support

Location: East Midlands

Carers of young adults with learning disabilities needed!

CARDIOPHITNESS: Cardiometabolic Health and Pharmacists in Severe Mental Illness

Location: All of England

The role of pharmacy in the physical health of individuals with severe mental illness.

Parents of preschool children needed to help design an antibiotics and antibiotic resistance study

Location: South West

Antibiotics for children: What do you know about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance?

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation Research Hub

Location: UK wide

Help shape research into childhood liver conditions

Are you a patient/carer with experience of open surgical wounds left to heal from the bottom up?

Location: UK wide

Surgical Wounds Healing by Secondary Intention (SWHSI-2) Trial - Patient and Public

Designing medicines with the needs of the patient in mind

Location: West Midlands

An opportunity for older people and their carers to discuss how to improve the design of medicines

Has your child ever had an ear infection with discharge?

Location: South West

Join our Patient and Public Involvement Group

Are you interested in helping dementia prevention research?

Location: London

Are you aged between 50-85 years old? Have no diagnosis of memory issues? Please join our register

Valuing Quality of Life Outcomes in Heart Failure

Location: All of England

Seeking heart failure patients and their carers to review study documents.

Neurodevelopmental Screening of All Children Born Preterm at 2 Years of Age

Location: South East

Was your child born early (<37 weeks)? Please help us review our research plan.

Guide future research about Problematic Knee Replacements

Location: All of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Patients and carers with experience of problematic knee replacements - HELP US HELP YOU

NHS Blood and Transplant Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG)

Location: UK wide

Bringing together public / patient insight and experience in NHSBT research.

Using Virtual Simulation to Improve Endovascular Aneurysm Repair: Patient Advisor

Location: London

Opportunity for abdominal aortic aneurysm patient who has undergone Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Family support in palliative care/advanced illness

Location: UK wide

Is family support done as well as it could be for people with advanced disease/in palliative care?

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